Dree Leer - I Won't Go (7" single)

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CCR32 | Release Date December 7, 2018

A Side - I Won't Go 

B Side - Burning White 


Dree Leer, a 3 piece rock band from Birmingham, Alabama brings their refreshing take on what a modern band should be. Through a deafening display of guitar, bass, and drums, this new act promises to make you jump up and take notice and feel nostalgic all at the same time. As if carved straight out of the 90’s, Dree Leer manages to summon up passion and a defiance rarely seen in today’s music. Singer Jackie Lo delivers her haunting and infectious lyrics that are only bested by the sounds exploding from the giant quiet-loud-quiet wall of sound screaming from her guitar. Joined on stage by Mandy Graffeo on bass and Tim Frazier on drums Dree Leer draws from influences as far back as The Runaways and the Ramones then on through the 90’s with Nirvana and Veruca Salt to the newest voices such as Bully. After listening to Dree Leer you find yourself asking “Does it get more fun than this!”