About us

Welcome to Cornelius Chapel Records

The time has come. We’ve been tolerating the music business since 2009, barely. The state of affairs in the rock world, coupled with a new and improved DIY ethos and an overall loathing of complacency has led us to the official launch of the new Cornelius Chapel Records website. Not that it needs it, but here’s an added bonus:

There’s 2 new Dexateens records in the bag for a 2016 release, a Model Citizen re-issue, a smoking new record from the almighty Vulture Whale and we’ve not even scratched the surface of 2016. Stay tuned for free record downloads, fly-by-night deals and bundles, handmade goods, bands on tour, and an eclectic collection of rock and roll. Don’t be a sheep — Think For Yourself — Long live rock and roll and subtle non-conformity…