Caleb Caudle - Crushed Coins

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Release Date Feb. 23, 2018

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With Crushed Coins, Caleb Caudle returns with his unique and genuine method of songwriting, which Paste Magazine has compared to Jason Isbell. The album features a handful of skilled musicians and artists in their own right, including Joshua Hedley, Erin Rae, noted electric guitarist Megan McCormick, pedal steel player Brett Resnick, and bassist Kevin Black. And while the album was made with the intent of escaping a specific genre, Caleb Caudle manages to be universally relatable with a mix of empathetic lyrics and a pristine blend of varying sounds. If you’re looking to revive your tastes with something fresh, but also like that warm feeling of musical nostalgia, look no further than Crushed Coins.



1. Lost Without You 

2. NYC In The Rain

3. Headlights

4. Empty Arms

5. Love That's Wild

6. Crushed Coins

7. Way You Oughta Be Seen

8. Stack of Tomorrows

9. Madelyn

10. Six Feet From The Flowers

11. Until It's Over